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'My Way' tribute is pure entertainment

Clare Aukofer
Daily Progress correspondent
July 28, 2005

It's been said that, when asked the secret of his success, Frank Sinatra had a three-word answer - "Sing good songs." And that he did. In fact, even if you didn't much like Sinatra, or don't know much about him, it's hard to go wrong with songs by the likes of Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Kander and Ebb, Rodgers and Hart and other classic songwriters.

My Way: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, now running in the Helms, is as much a tribute to good songs as it is to Old Blue Eyes.

The creators of this nice little collection of musical memorabilia wisely didn't try to find someone to pretend to be Sinatra. Instead, they chose good songs and set them up for four singers - two men, two women - and let the music roll. It really is hard to miss with this music, especially with good musicians.

Greg Harris on piano, Joe Bunts on bass and Dan Buckman on drums are as crucial to the success of this little show as any of the singers. ...he show's great fun to watch. It's pure entertainment, and all of the singers do well enough.

Geno Carr may be the strongest in solo numbers, but Perry Medlin, Nancy Snow and Ashley Hunter all have something going for them, and when all four sing, it's a treat for the ears. Medlin even dances a little, and it might be fun to see more of that.

This is also a visually appealing show. Director Stephen Levine has an eye for setting up movement, and Sara Brown's two-level set is one of the better ever seen in the Helms, with two very nice large images of Sinatra as sort of a backdrop.

The show is mostly music, with a little commentary from the cast.

The 2-hour show, with one intermission, moves so fast you're sorry it's over.

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